Benefit Purchases


Employee benefits need to be purchased at least monthly. To avoid attracting interest for late payment the details and appropriate payment needs to reach the Council no later than the 7th day of the month following that for which the benefits are due.

The details that we require are:

  • We need to know what benefits are required and for whom they are required. Having determined what benefit codes are applicable to each employee this information is submitted via the Detail benefit return form. This reflects the employees’ holiday fund numbers, names, dates of birth, benefit codes and the number of benefits due for each week.
  • The Contribution requisition is a summary of the above Detail benefit return. In addition it makes provision for the payment of levies to the Master Builders Associations if applicable. The total value reflected on the Contribution requisition should agree with the total of your payment.

There are various ways in which these details can be returned to the Council. The requisitions are available under the Wage Schedule tab.

If you wish to submit your returns electronically choose the  Detail benefit return (electronic) form, copy the result to an Excel file on your system and use it as a template to be completed and e-mailed to the Council monthly. Deal in a similar way with the Contribution requisition form applicable to you. Your payment to us should then take place via electronic transfer to our account at First National Bank (see bank account details below).  Please use your employer number that has been allocated to you by the Council as the beneficiary reference. This is the preferred method of submitting your returns.

If you wish to submit your returns by fax, post or delivery choose the Detail benefit return (fax/post) form, print a copy and enter the appropriate detail manually. In a similar way print the applicable Contribution requisition and complete this manually. These forms are then to be faxed or posted to us. Your payment can be made via electronic transfer or by cheque (see our bank details below). Please use your employer number that has been allocated to you by the Council as the beneficiary reference.   

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Our bank details are:

Account name

BIBC (Cape)


First National Bank


Adderley Street

Branch Code


Account number


Please note that with immediate affect all cheques made out to us must be made out to: BIBC (Cape). This is our chosen trading name as per our Bank Mandates and the bank will not accept any cheques that are not made out to BIBC (Cape). 


BIBC Benefits and the Tax implications on Employees 

The documents below contain information regarding benefits paid to employees by the BIBC or to the BIBC by the employer that must be included in your employee’s taxable income. You will receive a daily report regarding the amounts paid to your employees for sick pay benefits, please bear in mind that they also receive credits towards their Holiday and Bonus Fund when sick fund is paid, this must also be included in the employee’s taxable income.  You will also receive a weekly report for tax purposes, this will be emailed to you if we have your email address or faxed or posted, if we do not have a fax number or email we will post the advice to yourselves.

The Holiday Fund and Bonus Fund amounts (the benefits paid for by you and the credits from the Sick Fund) can either be included in the employee’s taxable income on a weekly basis or when it is paid by the BIBC to the employee.

Documents as attached:

BIBC benefits and employee Tax -  Tax Year Ending February 2012

BIBC information for Medical Aid - Tax Year Ending February 2012


Our contact details are:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (for attention the Benefit Sales Department)

Physical address

81 Voortrekker Road, Bellville, 7530

Postal address

Private bag X29, Bellville, 7535

Phone number

021-950 7400

Fax number

021-950 7406

For any enquiries, please contact the following persons:

Lesley Ann Karstens

Tel. 0219507414

Juanita Adams

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Yandisa Tyalana

Tel. 0219507436

Moira George

Tel. 0219507465 (Manager)

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