Tuesday, 02 December 2014 14:45

BIBC site inspections grow by 121%

The Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope) (BIBC) has announced a dramatic increase in the number of site inspections carried out last month, compared to the same period last year (October 2013). Site inspections, which are a fundamental part of the process of ensuring that the building industry adheres to conditions as laid down in the Collective Agreement, in accordance with the Labour Relations Act, rose from 277 to 613, an impressive 121% boost. This increase follows the announcement in June this year that the Council has put drastic measures in place to increase compliance to its Collective Agreement, by increasing its Compliance Enforcement permanent workforce by more than 80%.

"We expect the number of site inspections to grow exponentially as our permanent workforce continues to expand," explained Ronel Sheehan, Secretary for the Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope).

In addition to the increased site inspections, the Council can also confirm that the number of registered and compliant employers in the industry has increased by 34% and the quantity of finalised arbitrations have increased by 181%, from 53 cases this time last year to almost 150 cases as of October 2014.

The Collective Agreement is aimed at ensuring stability in the building industry and governs the industry as a whole. It deals with employment conditions in the building industry and effectively replaces the Basic Conditions of Employment Act for this industry, covering the critical elements of minimum wages and benefits, clauses that have wide-ranging effects on the industry as a whole. ""We are committed to ensuring stability and equality across this industry sector; we prescribe minimum wages for the industry as negotiated by the trade unions and the employer bodies that are parties to the Council and who represent the majority of workers in the Industry,"" added Sheehan.

For a copy of the new Collective Agreement, please go to www.bibc.co.za, click on Collective Agreement from the left side menu and then click on the latest Collective Agreement or contact our Bellville offices at 021 950 7400.