Friday, 27 July 2012 09:00

BIBC welcomes wage negotiations

South Africans are not stranger to industrial action, so much so that many industries refer to the month of July as 'strike season'. Taking into account the disruption to services and the damages done to the country's reputation, the Building Industry Bargaining Council Western Cape are proud of their role in averting strikes within the building industry and their long-term success in this area of labour relations. It is for this reason that the Council proposed a three-year wage deal for municipal worker's with the hope that it may bring an end to the annual strike season and help to positively impact the growth of our region.

  • Part of the BIBC's mission is to promote labour peace and to avoid strikes in the industry by negotiating employment issues in the industry in a constructive manner.
  • The Building Industry Bargaining Council's last negotiations were for a 3 year period, and the last of these already negotiated wage increases will be applicable from 1 November 2012.
  • Negotiations for increases applicable for the following years will start early 2013, and all indications are that these will be conducted, yet again, in a constructive manner.