Tuesday, 23 July 2013 14:45

Concrete body to include building and construction

The newly formed Concrete Institute, aims to broaden its member base to include not only cement producers but also building and construction bodies, says Concrete Institute MD Bryan Perrie.

Formed in the wake of the collapse of the Cement and Concrete Institute (C&CI), the institute is mandated to continue offering the vital services previously offered by the C&CI. These are education and training in the form of internationally recog- nised courses in concrete; information services offered through the Information Centre inherited from the C&CI, which is widely used by the industry and students as a valuable reference source of technical information; and consulting services to provide invaluable advice on concrete- related issues, including site visits by technical staff.

"The Concrete Institute has been created to continue providing independent, unbiased information and publications, as well as accredited and internationally recognised training on concrete technology, to the construction industry."

A broader member base will facilitate greater cooperation among the various built environment industry players for the promotion and unlocking of growth opportunities in South Africa.

"The Concrete Institute looks forward to providing the construction industry with much-needed services and information," Perrie concludes.