Wednesday, 20 August 2014 20:30

Contractors to be responsible for shoddy work - Human Settlements

The Department of Human Settlements plans to abandon the rectification programme aimed at fixing poorly built houses and is placing the responsibility for repair work at the contractors' feet.

Over the past three years, the department has spent R2-billion on repairing Reconstruction and Development Programme, or State-subsidised, houses through a programme meant for the repair of homes built prior to the establishment of building industry regulator, the National Home Builders Registration Council.

Spend on Housing Repairs:

  • Eastern Cape spent R1.5-billion
  • KwaZulu-Natal spent R206-million
  • Gauteng spent R137-million
  • Free State spent R121-million
  • Limpopo spent the least on housing repairs at R7.6-million


  1. the department's national rectification programme has spent billions on repairing houses owing to poor workmanship
  2. the freed-up funds could allow the department to return its focus to building houses for those still waiting and mitigate the backlog
  3. 35 000 new housing units could have been built with the funds used to undertake the repairs
  4. the department would finally embark on the long-awaited programme for the rolling out of housing for military veterans, with construction of the first 5 000 houses expected to start in September