Tuesday, 18 August 2015 14:00

Employment services act to decrease Unemployment Levels

The Building Industry Bargaining Council announced its support of the Employment Services Act, No 4 of 2004 (ESA), which came into effect on 9 August 2015. “The purpose of ESA is to establish productivity within South Africa, decrease levels of unemployment, and provide for the training of unskilled workers,” explained Ronel Sheehan, Secretary for Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope).

This Act provides for:

  • the registration of private employment agencies - includes recruitment agencies and temporary employment services, more commonly known as labour brokers.
  • the creation of a Public Employment Service, which will be established and managed by the state
  • state assistance to unemployed job seekers

The Public Employment Service will register job seekers and placement opportunities. The aim is then to match job seekers with services and placement opportunities. The Public Employment Service will also provide training for unskilled job seekers and give the unemployed access to career information.
Employers in certain industries may be required to register vacancies and specific categories of work with the Public Employment Service. Employers may also be required to interview individuals recommended by the Public Employment Service and pay license fees to assist in funding the Public Employment Service.