Tuesday, 01 October 2013 13:30

Labour Law critics don't make fair comparisons

Critics of South Africa's labour laws fail to compare the country's laws to those of other similar countries or to consider the country's history when workers had few rights, commented President Jacob Zuma earlier this month. In his opinion, our country isn't comparing itself to those on the continent of Africa.

Zuma said while many workers had few rights under apartheid, democracy in 1994 had helped grant labour rights to workers and had also expanded these rights to a wider range of workers, including farmworkers and domestic workers.

President Zuma also said:

  • the country's labour laws had not limited development
  • it was crucial for workers to be aware of the need to adhere to the bargaining council system, as it set out rules and regulations for things such as when strikes can be held
  • the dispute resolution body where labour, business and the government can come together was still relevant