Tuesday, 18 March 2014 12:00

Labour Minister signs new Building Industry wage rates into law

The Minister of Labour has extended the Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope) Collective Agreement to all employers in the Building Industry within its area of jurisdiction.

The Collective Agreement prescribes the latest wage categories and conditions of employment in the building industry in the Western Cape including the Overstrand Municipality.

The Collective Agreement also introduced a new Labour Category (Labourer L2) to alleviate the previous large gap between a labourer and a general worker. Previously a labourer was upgraded to a general worker after working in the industry for a year. The new Collective Agreement makes provision for an entry level worker to be upgraded to a Labourer 2 category after 6 months in the Industry at a rate half-way between an entry level employee (Labourer L1) and a general worker.

Building and related contractors (including painters, water proofers, flooring companies, plumbers, joiners, etc.) within the Overstrand Municipality are in breach of the law if they do not to comply with the latest Building Industry Bargaining Council's Employment Conditions.
For a copy of the new Collective Agreement, please go to www.bibc.co.za, click on Collective Agreement from the left side menu and then click on the latest Collective Agreement or contact our offices at 021 950 7400. Our Overstrand office is situated at 21a Mimosa street, Hermanus.