Tuesday, 03 December 2013 11:15

New standards for public sector construction contractors

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) has launched the Best Practice Standards, following extensive engagement with government and private sector stakeholders. This will set a benchmark for construction development and establish accepted performance indicators.

The standards, which kick-started Phase 2 of the Register of Contractors and Register of Projects, precede the issuance of the Best Practice Contractor Recognition and Best Practice Project Assessment Schemes, and aim to incorporate construction criteria and prescribe the developmental and transformational responsibilities of contractors working on public sector projects.

  • The CIDB intends to have the standards for the Best Practice Project Assessment Scheme regulated next year, making their application mandatory for public sector clients.
  • Currently, while only the CIDB Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement was mandatory in the public sector, the board also intended to recognise contractors in terms of the new standards for the Best Practise Contractor Recognition Scheme next year.
  • Public Works Minister said that the success of government's R1-trillion five-year infrastructure plan remained contingent on the timeous delivery of high-quality build projects by the private sector