Tuesday, 05 February 2013 20:00

Property Managers can be held liable for non-compliant builders

In a drive to increase awareness throughout the building and related industries, the Building Industry Bargaining Council is targeting property managers. With specific reference to the BIBC's Collective Agreement, Clause 6A(4) of the Collective Agreement stipulates that the subcontracting party and the subcontractor are jointly and severally liable if the subcontractor contravenes the agreement. This ultimately means that Property Managers can thus be found liable for using a non-compliant sub-contractor.

As property management agents who are faced with choosing building contractors on a regular basis, they need to be aware that these contractors are required by law to be compliant with the BIBC's agreement, should they operate within the BIBC's area of jurisdiction, which includes the Cape Peninsula, Boland, Malmesbury and the Overstrand municipalities. The agreement makes provision for minimum wages and social benefits for which contributions are collected. In most cases the aforesaid social benefit funds are administered by the BIBC.

Property Managers are encouraged to search for compliant contractors on the BIBC's website (www.bibc.co.za), either by company name or by trade.