Compliance Criteria

Criteria for determining whether an employer is compliant

  1. Is the employer registered? (Clause 6)
  2. has the employer registered all of their employees? (Clause 8)
  3. Has the employer complied with an assessment and/or settlement agreement? (I.e. has payment, as agreed by the employer, been received)? (Clause 31 to 35)
  4. Has all interest payable on late benefit purchases been paid by the required date (unless the outstanding amount is less than R200)? (the Council having satisfied itself that the employer has been duly notified of the interest outstanding). (Clause 57 (3))
  5. Has the employer complied with any penalty imposed? (Clause 57 (1)) (i.e. fines imposed as a result of failure to comply, unless the outstanding amount is less than R200)
  6. Has the employer paid in full any payment order from a Council appointed debt collector? (Clause 31 to 35)
  7. Has the employer purchased benefits in the last 2 months? (Clause  31 to 35)
  8. Has the employer ensured that at the time of appointing any sub-contractor, such subcontractor was compliant with the Council's agreement? (Clause 7(3)(4))