Maintaining your good standing at the BIBC

What does good standing mean?

To be in good standing, you need to be registered as an employer and your employees need to be registered with the BIBC as well. New employers must register within fourteen days of operating within the scope of the BIBC Main Collective Agreement and new employees must be registered within fourteen days of commencement of employment. To maintain your good standing, you must provide your employees with the minimum prescribed wages and benefits as detailed in the BIBC Main Collective Agreement.

If you have not registered, are exempted or have an outstanding dispute, you will not be regarded as being in good standing or compliant, (detailed compliance criteria are available here). Apart from the moral obligations to pay a fair wage as negotiated between the employers' organisations and trade unions who serve on the Council, there is also a commitment among responsible employers in the industry to compete fairly by offering the same conditions of employment.  In addition, the Minister of Employment and Labour, by publishing the BIBC Main Collective Agreement as a Government Gazette, has made registration and compliance with the BIBC Main Collective Agreement a legal requirement and has bestowed the necessary powers on various officers to enforce that agreement.


Advantages of being in good standing

  • Employers in good standing experience lower levels of labour unrest.
  • Employers in good standing are listed on our website and this information is available to 'givers of work'.
  • Employees who are registered by their employers are assigned permanent, individual member (holiday fund) numbers which ensure that they receive their correct benefits and that these accrue to them for their entire career in the industry – regardless of their movement between employers.
  • The BIBC administers five employee benefit funds on behalf of the industry – pension, medical aid, sick, bonus and holiday funds. This means that you do not need to provide your own funds or pay for sick leave.
  • The BIBC has negotiated undertakings from various bodies, government and otherwise, who are responsible for awarding contracts to the building industry, which mean that only employers in good standing will qualify for such work. This program is expanding constantly as the BIBC engages with these stakeholders.