Newsletter - February 2022

Welcome to the first Newsletter for 2022

As I share information on behalf of Council, I take the opportunity to share Council’s best wishes with you. Employers: May your businesses thrive and recover at a pace that is acceptable to you, during this first year of less rigid Covid-19 restrictions.

Employees: May you continue to contribute directly towards the growth and sustainability of the businesses at which you enjoy productive employment in a peaceful and stable work environment.

The BIBC embraces technology: Improves service to all stakeholders

Our journey towards the implementation of a new Information System (IS) started in early 2021. As the world moves rapidly towards online functionality, it was important to us that you can engage with the BIBC to access the services that we offer to the industry.

What can you look forward to?

  • Submission of your returns directly via your web portal, available on a computer and smartphone.
  • A view of historical submissions for reconciliation
  • No lead time, the return will be processed immediately on receipt of payment.
  • A new website that includes a link to an independent Whistle-blower platform.
  • A view of your profile and the facility to change certain data e.g. your address and contact details, using either a computer or smartphone.
  • View of your benefit information including notifications when benefits are purchased.
  • You are already able to use WhatsApp to access your Benefit Statements on 021 950 7400. We have added two more Newsletters that are now available and you can also update your contact details.
  • A new website that includes a link to an independent Whistle-blower platform.

So, what’s next?

ROADSHOW 2022: We are coming to your area share information on process changes that will affect you and to show you the new system.

SELF-SERVICE CENTRE: We are setting up a facility for your use (Bellville only for now) if you do not have access to a computer to submit returns (employers) or to view benefit status (employees).

Regular updates will follow to share information on system-related changes, as my team and I look forward to bringing you innovations that improve our service to you.

Pearl Pugin Secretary/CEO