Why Comply?


Compliance means being registered as an employer with the Building Industry Bargaining Council (BIBC), within fourteen calendar days of operating within the scope of the Collective Agreement and registering new employees within ten working days of commencement of employment and providing your employees with the minimum prescribed wages and benefits as detailed in the Collective Agreement. If you are unregistered, exempted or in dispute with the BIBC, you will not be regarded as compliant. (The detailed compliance criteria are listed on this website). Apart from the moral obligations to pay a fair wage and to compete fairly, the Minister of Labour by gazetting the Collective Agreement has made these legal obligations for the building industry and the Council is empowered to enforce compliance with the agreement.


There are many employers in the industry who advocate a culture of non-compliance. The same people often argue that they need not register for Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, UIF, RSC and OSHA levies. This is tantamount to civil disobedience and can hardly be supported in the South Africa of today.

* The BIBC has negotiated undertakings from various bodies, government and otherwise, who are responsible for awarding contracts to the building industry, that only compliant employers will qualify for such work. This program is expanding constantly.
* Compliant employers experience a lower level of labour unrest.
* Only compliant employers are listed on our website and this is available to work givers.
* Employees registered with BIBC are assigned individual “holiday fund” numbers which ensure that they receive their correct benefits and that these follow them for their working career – regardless of employer.
* The BIBC administers four benefit funds on behalf of the industry – pension, medical aid, sick and holiday funds. You do not need to provide your own.


It makes sense to comply and it’s the right thing to do!