Retirement Funds Overview

Taking Care of our People

Who may join?

Employees who are required to make retirement contributions under the Bargaining Council Agreement, and any other category of person allowed by the Council to participate in the Funds.

When does the membership start?

Once an employer pays a first fund contribution to the Bargaining Council, the employee becomes a member.

When does membership end? 

The employee remains a member of the Fund until they become entitled to their benefit.

How much are the contributions and how are they paid?

For every day that an employee works, your employer will deduct a contribution from their wage, as stipulated in the Collective Agreement. The employer then also contributes and pays the total amount to the Council, who in turn pays this over to the Fund. The total employee and employer contribution include the cost of insured benefits as well as administration costs. Insured benefits are death cover, disability cover, and funeral benefits.