Burial Repatriation benefit - How does the claim procedure work?

Option 1

Please visit the Building Industry Retirement Funds Help Desk to lodge the funeral claim and to establish whether the claim qualifies for funeral benefits. You can also telephone the Retirement Funds Help Desk to establish whether the claim qualifies for the benefit.

The Help Desk Staff will then hand the claimant the required documentation, (after they have filled in the HF and SANLAM numbers and specified the fund). This will assist the claimant when they contact the Sanlam Call Centre to access the burial repatriation benefit.

Option 2

Members’ next of kin may access this benefit themselves or via the member’s employer, by calling Sanlam’s 24-hour specialised call center at 0860 004 080. These calls can be answered in all the official South African languages. Callers must provide the following information:

  • Employee number
  • Sanlam number
  • Name and identity/passport number of the deceased
  • Contact details
  • Name and code of fund or scheme (18674 or 18675)
  • Place where the death occurred.