Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:30

State of the Nation - BIBC gives support

The President of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma, delivered his State of the Nation Address to Parliament on Thursday, 13 February 2014.

The Building Industry Bargaining Council welcomes government's continued focus, not only on job creation, but in particular the emphasis on creating decent work, as this supports the objectives of the Council. "Zuma's focus on education, health, the fight against crime and corruption, rural development and land reform and creating decent work, fits our objectives and vision for the building industry," said Arnold Williams, Secretary for Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope).

Although the Government's commitment to the local procurement of goods and services and the tourism sector will not impact directly on the building industry, growth in these sectors will in turn lead to the increased need for buildings and therefore this should have an indirect positive impact on job creation in the building industry.

The BIBC promotes liveable minimum wages as well as employee benefits, such as retirement benefits, to ensure that employees in the industry could retire with dignity.