BIMAF Medical Aid

Fund guidlines

How does an employee qualify for medical aid?

To qualify the employee must:

  • be an Artisan in the building industry. 
  • have made at least 16 weekly (80 daily) contributions, whereafter they must complete and submit the registration form. 

How to apply for medical aid benefits?

  • Complete and submit the registration form below. 
  • Attach the following documents with your registration application:
    1. identity documents of you and your spouse, (if you are married)
    2. marriage certificate
    3. birth certificates of your children. 

What are the current benefits?

The fund covers 90% of the scale of benefits and the remaining 10% is for the members’ account.

The benefits and limits for the 2023-2024 benefit year are as follows:

An overall maximum of R66,500 per family per year.

  • Medicines – R10,500 per family per year. The member will be required to pay an R5.00 levy on all medicine dispensed.
  • Dental Benefits – R6,448 per family per year.
  • Optical benefits – R4,700 per family per year.
  • Private hospitals cover is limited to an R2,288 ward fee per day and an R4,420 theatre fee.
  • Cover is for 90% of the cost of materials whilst in the hospital and the remaining 10% is for the members’ own account.
  • The fund will allow R1000 over-the-counter (OTC) medicine per family per year and there is no levy payable.

How to submit a claim?

All accounts received from the doctor, dentist, pharmacist, hospital, etc., must be forwarded to the Fund for payment.

All you need to do is sign the account, write your holiday fund number on it, and submit it as follows:

  • by hand at any one of our offices
  • post to Private Bag X23 Bellville, 7535
  • fax to 021 940 7405
  • or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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