Employer Returns and Contributions - How and by when must these be submitted to the BIBC?

Contributions to Employee Benefits must be submitted monthly. The returns and appropriate payment need to reach the Council by no later than the 7th day of the month following that for which the benefits are due to avoid interest on late payments.

The following details are required

Confirmation of what benefits are being purchased for which employee. Having ascertained what Benefit Codes are applicable to each employee this information is submitted via the eesi© portal, by completing an Employer Return. This reflects the employees’ holiday fund (HF) numbers, full names, date of birth, benefit codes, and the number of benefits due for each week.

If you require assistance please visit one of our offices or complete the contact form and select Employer Support in the subject options.

The applicable employer return / proforma invoice will indicate the payment due for the return.

Payment must be made via electronic transfer to the following bank account:

Bank: First National Bank
Account name: BIBC (Cape)
Branch: Adderley Street
Branch Code: 201409
Account number: 54623113443

Please use the employer number that has been allocated to you by the Council as the beneficiary reference. This is the only method of submitting your returns.