Guidelines for Employers

How to calculate and purchase employee benefits

A detailed Benefit Return must be completed online via the BIBC's eesi© platform, using the correct contribution codes on the Wage Schedule, (see below).

What is a Benefit Return?

The online Benefit Sales Return module is used to capture the member number, initial, surname, date of birth, benefit code, and the number of benefits due for all employees, for the period of submission.

How do I pay over contributions? 

Our bank details are:

First National Bank Account No: 54623113443 

Branch Code: 201409     

Your Employer number must be used as a beneficiary reference for identification.

Card payment facilities are also available at all our Offices.

When must benefit contributions be paid?

Benefit contributions must reflect in the BIBC bank account by the 7th of the month after which the benefits were due. For example, the payment of employee benefits for an employee who worked during the month of April must reflect in the BIBC bank account by 7 May.   

How do I know what to pay employees?

The Wage Schedule (see below), lists the value of the relevant benefits per affiliation and employment category and is published annually. 

What is the Industry Benefit Year?

The Building Industry Calendar is linked to the financial year period of the BIBC which starts on 01 November and ends 31 October.  Week 1 in the new financial year therefore starts on 01 November (see the calendar below).

How can I get assistance with completing my returns?

You can either view the instruction video on the eesi© platform or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, visit one of our offices or contact us on: 021 950 7400.